Entry #1

A game! My game! :D

2007-11-22 17:57:16 by naota2007

Hello! It's Brennan, aka Naota. :D
im working on a game called silent assassin.
your a sniper.
cool, eh? xD

well, any suggestions will help.

codes/level ideas/ etc .




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2007-11-22 19:04:58

Been looking for a good shooting game lately, looking forward to it, sorta. Just try to possibly add more guns, difficulties, and a cover system. Alright, hope that helps, later.


2007-11-22 21:14:59

a lot of useless stuff that you can explode/destroy. A shop to buy power ups. turbulence on the sniper. Medals and especial medals (to destroy 50 itens and this tipe os junk). The possibility to chose your own patch.Cool cut scenes. And now i got bored to continue this post


2007-11-22 21:25:05

try to add alot of detail and shit that explodes. OH!! and alot of guns and alot of misions SNEEZELBERRIES!!!


2007-11-22 22:05:00



2008-01-24 20:57:11

Do you liek Mudkips?